December 12, 2010

Thinking back over the whole semester, I can basically summarize it as juggling.  There is the Talisman, school, wedding planning, seeing my fiance, church, staying in touch with friends and family, still having friends in Bowling Green, and it goes on and on.

Now it is down to one week of the Talisman (for a while), 2 finals plus a project, and only 34 days until my wedding. It seems so surreal.

Yesterday Ryan and I moved most of my things into his apartment. We spent the rest of the day organizing it because both of us need things to have a place or we will go insane. (I am very grateful that we share this pet peeve.) I can’t believe how much of a difference it has made in both of our houses. Moving my things into his house is something we have talked about for so long and now its just done!

Today has been snowy and a perfect opportunity to get things done without the business of life. I like to reflect. I really would consider it a hobby. I know that the Lord uses it to remind us of His goodness. He has been so faithful to me this semester. I have given my emotions and time to other things, but He always brings me back to Himself. Its such a beautiful picture of the Gospel where He can take something that is rebelling against Him and make it look like His son because of His gracious heart.

Its strange to see this season of my life coming to a close, but I am so excited for the things ahead.

*These are from a photo booth at the Blue House girl’s Christmas Party that was Friday night. It was a great way to celebrate the last weekend before finals with both my friends from my entire college career and new friends from work. They are all crossing over so much that it is getting crazy!


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