Facebook Official

November 1, 2010

This weekend my good friends Ali and Josh got engaged!!! The weekend was exciting as it originally was with Homecoming and Halloween, but about a month ago, Josh invited Ryan and I to be part of their engagement party. We were so thrilled and had really been looking forward to it! Ali and Josh really mean a lot to us. I met both of them through the Talisman a couple years ago. They were just friends, exactly like Ryan and I. They started dating just a few months before us and I remember being so surprised, but really liking them together. Ali and I talked later that summer when I was in Dallas. We were both really liking a guy we had seen just as a friend just a couple months before.

Then last year, Ryan and Josh met by way of the Talisman office and a dinner we had to celebrate Christmas. Somewhere between the prayer and the buffet, they became instant best friends. We started watching LOST with them every week and obviously have stayed close ever since. They are so great and I am thrilled for their upcoming marriage!!!!!

Here are some photos:

Josh invited Ali’s best friends from Lexington, her former roommates, some of his friends and Ryan and I for the occasion. Ali was obviously so surprised by the proposal, but so shocked again to see all of us. It was so awesome to be a part of it.

We all watched Ali and Josh become engaged on Facebook, so its official. And I was officially Facebook for Halloween:


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