Memphis Shower

November 22, 2010

Saturday I had a lovely shower hosted by my mom’s friends. It was so great to see sweet friends and get showered with gifts! I am so grateful for everyone that was there! Ryan and I are so blessed by others generosity. Thank you all!


Amazing centerpieces!!!

“Grandy & Mama- Beautiful Quilt. Jealous.” -Amy on the list of gifts.

Sweet grandmothers saying nice things!

D-group: I love us!

Sixth grade Bible Study:

ECS girls:

Wonderful Hostesses!!! Thank yall so much!


1940’s Style

November 16, 2010

Over the weekend, Ryan and I went to Nashville to pick out our wedding bands. We headed to Walton’s in Franklin (where Ryan got my engagement ring). We ended up picking bands from the 1940’s, so all of our rings are from the same era. Now we can’t wait to wear them in 60 days!


November 10, 2010

Last Saturday was such a day full of rich conversation and even richer dishes. Kaycee and Chet were in town (such an even better combo than I had expected).  We with Alyssa slept in pretty late, grocery shopped, cooked and got ready for people to come over. Perfect line up for last Saturday.

Here are some pictures:

The Lord was so gracious to me. I had some many conversations that my soul had been longing for with the girls. Then Ryan and I had a really great talk about the Lord’s calling on our lives later on Sunday.

All that to say… it was a little bit hard to go to school Monday morning.


November 9, 2010

This morning I have been doing some research on the internet for a new graphic design project. The problem arises when I find a new blog, that leads me to another, then another…. and here were are–hours later– with loads of new artists to love.

This is by Justin LaFontaine. Go here to see some more work.

This one is most likely the direction I will be heading with the next project. I am really loving this style right now. The illustrators name is Raphaël. She has some amazing stuff here.

Hope you like!