Good Bowling Green Weekend

September 19, 2010

Kaycee came in town this weekend…. and Alyssa and I also came in town… meaning we actually acted like we were in college and hung out with lots of friends. We went to Rosine, Kentucky Friday night- the birthplace of Bluegrass Music. A bunch of friends came- some for their first time. It was a blast. “This is the happiest place on Earth,” said Stossi Lenz… haha!

My pictures were blurry, but I really liked these:

Then on Saturday, we tailgated before the game. We were right in the middle of everything, which seemed like it had been forever since we last did that.

We spent time with old friends, new friends, and even older friends this weekend. Some how a lot of people knew each other from other worlds than Western.

Thanks for coming in town Kaycee!


2 Responses to “Good Bowling Green Weekend”

  1. stossilenz said

    I am so happy you quoted me here! :)

  2. holmes said

    smokin gameday belt

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