August 11, 2010

Ryan and I have been dating for one year today. I am so grateful for this time we have spent getting to know each other. The Lord has been so gracious by giving Ryan to me. I could never ask for anything more. Thanks Ryan for being so kind to me and learning patience when I am crazy. Here’s to many more!

Story about Ryan…..

Last night I was teaching him to play Contract Rummy. Its one of my favorite card games because Holmes and I used to play it all the time with Pidgeon and Pops. We played for hours and the end result was quite a large sum of change, usually around $60. I felt that it was important that Ryan learn to play, so we gave it a shot last night. The last round you are to get 3 different sequences of 4 cards all in the same suit…. and here is what I saw:

The final score was Ryan: -110 and Char: 250. You are going for the lowest score. He is a natural. Its unfortunate that this is my favorite game that I usually win, but I’m just glad that he likes to play cards too.


2 Responses to “One/1/Uno”

  1. hannah said

    Wow can’t believe it’s been a yeat. Congrats!! You guys are presh

  2. hannah said

    haha I don’t know how to spell.. year not yeat

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