July 16, 2010

Sorry I have been a horrible blogger….. that’s just the way it is right now. There aren’t too many things to talk about unless you want to know all the drama that goes on at Lulu’s with peoples pets dying and the sale section moving up to the shabby chic, then the books and sale moving upstairs in place of shabby chic, and redecorating all the in betweens of the store, or the final spreads of the Talisman getting a thrice over (like a once over but 3 times), or that I have been a bad runner lately and really enjoyed light ice cream on a more regular basis than my running, or that I am so excited to have new friends in Kentucky all the way from Cali (Stossi today and Ally so soon!)

All that to say… not too many exciting things although some as VERY exciting (new friends!!!!), but tomorrow I will head out on a journey. After work, I am headed to Nashville with Ryan for some family time, then flying to Panama City to hitch hike with my own family to Cocoa Beach to stay at my great-grandparents for about a week (SUN— oh long lost friend, can we reunite?), then I am flying back to Dallas, my love of last summer, to go to Lee and Becky’s wedding and to see some old friends. I plan on packing my camera right after I finish this, so look forward to better pictures and hopefully some words that make a little more sense than what I am writing now.



3 Responses to “ummm”

  1. Amy said

    Love that picture of the city! Where is that? I’m gonna be real embarrassed if you say memphis. Miss you so much

  2. kim clark said

    I love that pier!! I would spend my entire day schooling my children at that pier! We would fish, swim, read, eat, day complete! Beautiful!!!

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