Undeniable Love Was Symbolized

June 7, 2010

This weekend I got to go to Sam and Adam RINGO!!’s wedding. Before I show you the photos, you need some background on who this amazing couple is and how I got to know both of them. In August 2008, Sam transferred to Western for her junior year. She was already Carley’s best friend and was an instant friend for our friend group. Sam became a really good friend to me and we have been roommates for the past year. Adam came to visit frequently and we all began to love him just as much as we loved Sam. These two are the most loving people. Anyone would be thrilled to call them a friend. It has been so cool to be close to them and watch them journey through their relationship. They have been through hard times together, but are now MARRIED! The wedding was amazing… I will let you see for yourself:

The wedding was on Adam’s aunt’s farm outside of Louisville. It could not have been a better location for them.

Before the wedding, they had a “greeting at the garden” to give them a chance to talk to all of their guests. Sam wasn’t even in her actual dress, but was stunning!

Since I was singing, I passed the camera off to Ryan…who did a fabulous job.

Unfortunately, my camera died right after this photo… so just wait for the rest of the photo. I will post a link to Chet’s blog once she puts her pictures up.

Here’s to Sam and Adam Ringo and their undeniable love! I am so happy for you guys!

P.S. the title of this post refers to the wedding invite here.


One Response to “Undeniable Love Was Symbolized”

  1. Ryan Turtle said

    Hands down. Wedding of the year..simply amazing. So glad I got to be apart of that experience.

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