When It Rains, It Pours

May 12, 2010

Last Friday, we had our End 0f the Year Banquet for the Talisman.  It got a little emotional considering some really influential people are graduating.  It was a really great night and one I was sad to see end.

Everyone who was in attendance from the Talisman Staff.

The Dynasty in all it’s glory- the Editorial Board.  I am really going to miss these great friends.

These are the hens- all the girls on Ed Board who are constantly clucking in the hen house.  Reunions will be happening every year in Lex for Keeneland. I’m glad its already on the calendar.

Incoming and outgoing Editor-in-Chief.  Thanks Cara for teaching me so much.  You will be missed!  I am so glad you are staying close.

My new right hand, Managing Editor, classmate in almost every class, and great friend- Melissa. I’m so grateful I can depend on you! (visit her new website in the next couple of days when it gets up and running – here)

And Hobbs- my co-design editor for the past year.  How many hours were spent together?  How many fights have we had? These are too many to count.  I’m so glad for everything you have taught me and that our views always oppose one another, but that we are still great friends a the end of the deadline.

Oh and this is the ceiling over the shower…. it is currently being fixed thank goodness!

I am so sad that almost all of my close friends are graduating… the good news is that there is so much going on next year and so many new friends to be made.  The yellow house has a new roomie, so thats exciting and an answer to prayer!  New beginnings are always nice.

I can’t wait for this summer and new adventures.  And for my joint b’day party with my sister, Carley Randall, tonight.


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  1. Ryan Turtle said

    Photography provided by: Babe

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