Really Crazy

April 30, 2010

Lately I have felt like I’m graduating this year… all of my friends from the Talisman are, all my roommates are, and so is my boyfriend and all of his roommates… Yes that is pretty much everyone around me on a regular basis except for a couple girls that I love- Ash and Melissa (the three of us will be together in long art classes until kingdom come).

We have been doing a lot of reminiscing at the office and thinking back to a time when we weren’t all the people we are today.  It has been such a growing journey for me as far as Student Publications goes.  I was telling Jill the other day that I remember putting my application in like it was yesterday.  I thought, “I love yearbook, why not.”  Telling that to the Student Publications Committee made it seem so much more surreal.  I was so intimidated by the people who are now such good friends to me.  I thought that they must have been so old and obviously had so much journalistic experience that I hadn’t been exposed to… and now I am at the same place as them.  I am about to take on a whole new year without them.  I really can’t imagine it, and am not going to right now because I know they will be back to visit and help out whenever they can…. not to mention we still have to finish this book.

I love Western so much and from the moment I set foot on campus, I knew the Lord was calling me here.  I was determined to find my purpose.  Now looking back, I know it wasn’t for one relationship or one moment in time.  My eternal purpose is to give God glory.  He placed me at Western to do that for four years.  And wherever He puts me next, I will have the same purpose.  I find so much comfort in the Lord’s sovereignty.  Each step is ordained by Himself for His plans.  There is not a better place to be.

I am so grateful that the Talisman was part of the Lord’s plan for me.  I have enjoyed my coworkers more than I ever could imagine and gotten to be apart of something so amazing.  I’m sad to know that I am doing it without them next year, but I would have never been able to think about it without them teaching me everything up to this point.  Thanks Caralyne, Jill, and Ali.  I love yall.


One Response to “Really Crazy”

  1. Su madre said

    Tenderly, well spoken my dear. You have quite a way with words!

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