April 27, 2010

Saturday, Holmes ran the 1/2 Marathon in Nashville.  The weather was supposed to be horrible, but it held off until he finished up.

Even though this rain has been so dreary, it hasn’t been able to cut all the joy from life.  Sunday morning at Burton was one of the best.  In Sunday School we all prayed for people we are ministering to.  It was such an encouraging time with.  Our friend Youngen has been at Burton for the last school year.  He is an exchange student from South Korea.  By way of the BCM and Kaitlin and Daniel, he came to Burton in the fall.  He has experienced Christ in a life changing way and will be baptized this Sunday.  His prayer was one of thanksgiving for the Lord moving in his life, for his friends he will leave in America in a couple of weeks, and his own ministry in South Korea.  It has been amazing to see the Lord work in his life.

And then in the Sanctuary we heard a message from a visiting friend of Burton- Sam Huff.  He preached on believers finding satisfaction in Christ alone. It was such a powerful message.  When I look at my own life, I see how my satisfaction comes from such worldly things.  So I am trying (by the power of Christ) to depend on Him only and to find all my joy in the Gospel… but why should I not?!?  What is holding me back from praising the God who redeemed me from all my sin.  I hope you have time today to evaluate where your joy is coming from and to fix it if need be.

Last night, we had a surprise bridal shower for Sam.  It was really hard keeping a secret from our roommate, but we pulled it off.

After that all we had our last Talisman Full Staff Meeting of the year… pretty crazy.  Then the designers took their picture for the back of the book… it was hipster theme.  I will post them as soon as I can.  Get ready Holmes/Amy.


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