April 14, 2010

So back in the beautiful decade of the 90s everyone and their mom (most likely literally) was wearing Jelly Sandals.  I think they deserve a day of memory and celebration.  Today I am wearing my current, more modern Jellies and it really doesn’t get much better.  Please look at how many options there are!!!

Another thing to be happy about is the weather lately.  I really can’t have a bad day when it is so pretty outside.  Have a great Wednesday!


3 Responses to “Jellies!”

  1. Samantha said

    AHHHH! I’ve been wanting jellies! I had some when I was little, yes, in the 90’s. Where did you get yours?

  2. Su madre said

    Char I had a sparkling, clear pair very much like the purple pair you have pictured. I was sporting my beauties back in the early 80’s, maybe even late 70’s. Super cute~

  3. lauren said

    i LOVED my jellies. light pink with a back strap.

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