Really Crazy

April 30, 2010

Lately I have felt like I’m graduating this year… all of my friends from the Talisman are, all my roommates are, and so is my boyfriend and all of his roommates… Yes that is pretty much everyone around me on a regular basis except for a couple girls that I love- Ash and Melissa (the three of us will be together in long art classes until kingdom come).

We have been doing a lot of reminiscing at the office and thinking back to a time when we weren’t all the people we are today.  It has been such a growing journey for me as far as Student Publications goes.  I was telling Jill the other day that I remember putting my application in like it was yesterday.  I thought, “I love yearbook, why not.”  Telling that to the Student Publications Committee made it seem so much more surreal.  I was so intimidated by the people who are now such good friends to me.  I thought that they must have been so old and obviously had so much journalistic experience that I hadn’t been exposed to… and now I am at the same place as them.  I am about to take on a whole new year without them.  I really can’t imagine it, and am not going to right now because I know they will be back to visit and help out whenever they can…. not to mention we still have to finish this book.

I love Western so much and from the moment I set foot on campus, I knew the Lord was calling me here.  I was determined to find my purpose.  Now looking back, I know it wasn’t for one relationship or one moment in time.  My eternal purpose is to give God glory.  He placed me at Western to do that for four years.  And wherever He puts me next, I will have the same purpose.  I find so much comfort in the Lord’s sovereignty.  Each step is ordained by Himself for His plans.  There is not a better place to be.

I am so grateful that the Talisman was part of the Lord’s plan for me.  I have enjoyed my coworkers more than I ever could imagine and gotten to be apart of something so amazing.  I’m sad to know that I am doing it without them next year, but I would have never been able to think about it without them teaching me everything up to this point.  Thanks Caralyne, Jill, and Ali.  I love yall.



April 29, 2010

Today I highly recommend passion tea lemonade.  If you have not tried it just wait… This drink is so satisfying on a hot day when you are celebrating spring/summer (clearly this is not the case today), when you are needing something to remind you that it is just school and everything will be alright, or to just enjoy because its the prettiest colored drink of all time.  Any of these reasons is a perfectly just one.  Today I picked the to help me calm down option.  It worked its magic and the world kept spinning.  Only 2.5 weeks until summer… then a summer class (that will most definitely be

Hipster Designers

April 27, 2010

I love these people:

photos | jake stevens


April 27, 2010

Saturday, Holmes ran the 1/2 Marathon in Nashville.  The weather was supposed to be horrible, but it held off until he finished up.

Even though this rain has been so dreary, it hasn’t been able to cut all the joy from life.  Sunday morning at Burton was one of the best.  In Sunday School we all prayed for people we are ministering to.  It was such an encouraging time with.  Our friend Youngen has been at Burton for the last school year.  He is an exchange student from South Korea.  By way of the BCM and Kaitlin and Daniel, he came to Burton in the fall.  He has experienced Christ in a life changing way and will be baptized this Sunday.  His prayer was one of thanksgiving for the Lord moving in his life, for his friends he will leave in America in a couple of weeks, and his own ministry in South Korea.  It has been amazing to see the Lord work in his life.

And then in the Sanctuary we heard a message from a visiting friend of Burton- Sam Huff.  He preached on believers finding satisfaction in Christ alone. It was such a powerful message.  When I look at my own life, I see how my satisfaction comes from such worldly things.  So I am trying (by the power of Christ) to depend on Him only and to find all my joy in the Gospel… but why should I not?!?  What is holding me back from praising the God who redeemed me from all my sin.  I hope you have time today to evaluate where your joy is coming from and to fix it if need be.

Last night, we had a surprise bridal shower for Sam.  It was really hard keeping a secret from our roommate, but we pulled it off.

After that all we had our last Talisman Full Staff Meeting of the year… pretty crazy.  Then the designers took their picture for the back of the book… it was hipster theme.  I will post them as soon as I can.  Get ready Holmes/Amy.