Love Day

February 14, 2010

So I know its Feb. and I have barely posted at all…. my deepest apologies.  But since its Valentine’s Day, I feel like you should forgive and just love me despite my lack of information….

Last week I was in Canada and it was so great!  We went on a tour of the book publishing plant in Altona ( a really small city full of character).  Then the last day we hung out in an ice village in Winnipeg.  Here are the photos from the trip:

And once our plane landed in Nash, its been non-stop life…. all good things though.  Superbowl, friends, 6 months with Ryan, pearl earrings from Tiffs, Satco, besties/cousins and JOHHNNNN MAYYYEERRR.

I have alot to love today.


2 Responses to “Love Day”

  1. Grandy said

    Thanks so much for the pics and update. You certainly have had an exciting week. Happy V-day to you. Love you!!!

  2. Elaine said

    Pearl earrings from Tiff?!! What?!
    Miss you.

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