Snow Day

January 30, 2010

If my neighborhood wasn’t usually beautiful, it would be today.  We got 8 inches of snow last night- maybe the most real snow I have ever seen.  It is so nice to be inside today and be cozy.

Stay warm today!


Photo Update

January 29, 2010

from 3 different cameras….

This was shot by Jake Stevens at Steak and Shake right before the break.  We were having a Talisman family dinner and of course our photo editor would be documenting the meal. I really like this picture and always enjoy my photo friends’ work.

Gray and I were being silly in the extremely long line to get into Starry Nights… he refused to actually smile with me but it sums up the night pretty well.

I always carry my small camera with me and then forget to put them on the computer…. so here are some photos of the Grizzzzz Gammmeee…. courtside is the only way to go I found out this night:

Last Thursday was Lauren’s birthday and we planned a little surprise shindig in Nashy:

Baby Sam turned 22 Wednesday and had 3 cakes… 2 of which are pictured:

This is the debut of Racquet Club on the radio:

Go here to listen to their EP. It was really fun to sing with them on Western’s radio station.  It was hard for me to keep my composure with Jacob being ridiculous, but altogether a great experience.

And lastly, I just braved the elements to show you what my precious house looks like at this very cold moment in time:

Web Sizite

January 20, 2010

Click here to see the new 5 Hills Studio Website (this is separate from 5weddings.)

Biz Card

January 20, 2010