Something I have been meaning to share……

November 10, 2009

I have recently gotten obsessed with letterpresses and the way that they make paper become even more beautiful.  There are so so many gorgeous sites that are selling letterpress invites, notecards, calendars and more.  This is one site that I have recently been introduced to by another of my favorite bloggers – Ruffled Blog. They have some really cute designs that you can print on cards for free- click here.

So if you are interested in anything that is beautiful/need inspiration to make you own beauties… check these out:

Postal Press

My favorite blogger Ellie’s Little Shop – Hello Tenfold

Oh So Beautiful Paper

Something funky at Dot & Jim

Two Brunettes Shop on Etsy

Something Ridiculously Wonderful (mostly for Lauren Mechetner) – Passing Notes

I know there are others that I am leaving out… feel free to comment if you know of a company that you would like to share. If you do not love paper, please do not think less of me because of my passion for something old and traditional and keep typing away on that meaningful email that will lack love and importance to your reader….. only kidding.


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