October Lovelies-

October 4, 2009


These are the things that make fall great- pumpkin bread and coffee in the morning.  Basically anything pumpkin is worth celebrating right now.  Yesterday I made some pumpkin bread “from the kitchen of Julie Hill”…. delicious if I do say so myself.  Ryan bought me this great silicon pan that was on sale at the Kitchen Company for $5!!!! 41XEQTBW5EL._SS500_The recipe makes 2 pans of this size… pretty much a huge football of pumpkin bread.  The first loaf was gone within 15 minutes… I guess that’s what happens when you cook during a tailgate.  The second loaf was some breakfast for me and snacks for the Memphis Guys.  A little of this bread goes a long way.  It’s so so good.


This is a photo illustration of weekend- the new rug and Real Simple Ryan got me from target on Saturday, and my graphic design project all assembled on Friday.  I also went to the Gallery Hop in Downtown BG on Friday night with Ryan, Ashely, and a guy from my art classes.  We were supposed to go for class, but it was really fun and made me feel cultured.  All the galleries were open and had free food.  It was such a great night between the atmosphere of the galleries and the weather.  It was a good way to welcome in October.


My roommate Elisabeth and her bf were carving pumpkins the other night…they so generously gave me to seeds to roast.  So good.  Pumpkins are so useful.  Thanks fall.


2 Responses to “October Lovelies-”

  1. laurenmechetner said

    i know i already told you, but that first picture is beautiful.

  2. Su madre said

    I too love your first picture! So glad the pumpkin bread was tasty, such a delicious Fall treat. Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend. Catch me up on the details when you can. Much love to you Songbird!!!

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