September 22, 2009

So since I have lived in this amazing house, I have gotten so so so many bug bites.  And actually a ton of them are spider bites… probably from something about this size- spider

Thankfully, Ryan is basically a pest control bizzzz and sprayed my whole house today and my bed (which we were concerned that it could have been the problem).  In this search for bugs and spiders, he realized that there is literally a piece of styrofoam separating me from the outside world.  How??? you may ask.  Whoever put in my window air conditioning unit was on crack cocaine and decided since it didn’t fill the whole window, they would just cut a little piece of foam and smashed it in there.  Not to mention that this very same window unit leaks into my yard creating the perfect atmosphere for mosquitos to breed.  Awesome right?  Any who… Ryan attacked my house with everything imaginable, patched up some holes connecting the mosquito pond to my window, washed my sheets and comforter, got my roommates to call the Landlord to fix the styrofoam issue, and probably 10 other things.  Meanwhile I am in my 3 hour art class drawing a murder scene…. that’s a whole other story though.  So if I die all of a sudden, you all know why- rare spider poisoning.

P.S. check out It is coming together slowly, but surely.


2 Responses to “Itchin”

  1. amandaveneman said

    ryan = new landlord.
    i love that you said “crack cocaine” and not just crack.
    where did you get those paisley’s for your website b/c i need them.

  2. Su Madre said

    You are quite comedic! Really sorry to hear about the infestation and the consequential bites. The dream home sounds a lot less dreamy when you are lunch. Looking forward to huggin you neck!!!

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