I love Fridays

September 18, 2009

My one Friday class was cancelled today so I have found a little time to do the things I love…. sleep in a little later, drink coffee and chat with my dear roomie Sam, then drink coffee and look at some blogs I have been missing out on.

Somehow I have been in the dark and didn’t realize the amazing Amy Butler had rugs…. please look here. I love all of her stuff so much, but these rugs are just incredible.

Also Two Brunettes has moved and is worth looking at- here.

A couple of you have asked how I hung the paintings over my bed so I thought I would just show you:


I am going to try to be better about blogging this week!  Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “I love Fridays”

  1. Grandy said

    Char, the pics look great, and I love the door now that you have raised it. Love you.

  2. Michele Hill said

    Hey Charlotte, I do not have your current e-mail.. or I have misplaced it… so, I am sorry I have to write you on this site.. but, will keep it short… the picture is 45″ by 38″.. pretty big.. and very heavy.. it is pressently upstairs in the guest room over the dresser.. you will need help to get it down stairs.. and a rather big trunk to put it in… I have loaned my house to a christian band for that weekend.. so there will be about 5 guys here.. in and out.. but, I will ask them to leave the garage door opener under the frog on the front porch for you.. but, just ring the bell incase they are here… if you need help getting it down, try to connect with them and get them to help you.. call Joe Edmands at 756-4370 and he can connect you with the band guys to help.. It is a great picture and I got it for a steal.. and now it makes me smile to think of you enjoying it over your mantle! I love you sweet girl!

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