Way Too Long Overdue

September 15, 2009

So I need to apologize for many things…. 1. a sudden and abrupt halt in my blogging, 2. probably not calling you back when I should have a week ago, 3. a couple other things….

Life has been way too crazy and I really don’t have a grip on my schedule.  It is going to take a little bit more time to get accustomed to the way things will be this semester… but until then please give me some grace.  I miss being connected with people outside of Bowling Green and I am hopefully making some good steps to stop the madness.

Until then-

Click Here to View My New Website for class.

And the quickest update possible on life-

I am doing really, really well.  The Lord is moving and revealing Himself to me in new ways.  I hope you are also doing well!!!!!


3 Responses to “Way Too Long Overdue”

  1. Su madre said

    Much grace given!!! But know I do miss you much. I am crazy about the header on your new blog so very cool & colorful.

  2. laurenmechetner said


  3. Grandy said

    The header is great and I’m looking forward to seeing new designs. So nice to hear from you by phone and on the blog. Love you so much.

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