New Art for my New Room

September 7, 2009

These will eventually go over my bed… sometime when I have the energy and patience to hang them.





7 Responses to “New Art for my New Room”

  1. Rachel said

    I would just like to note that when I got to the comment page, the automatically generated “pages you might also be interested in” was “Hotel guests in New Zealand wake up with drunk Aussie in their bed.” yeah. What kind of page IS this Char? Ha.

    I also want you to move wherever I am after you graduate, but so I can be in YOUR presence! Miss you and your incredibleness lots girl. Love you!

  2. amandaveneman said

    anthro is jealous!!! i love the second one =) verrrrry preshi. maybe you can get your BF to hang them for you!

  3. Su Madre said

    Snazzy art work, I really like it. I am recognizing that snappy paper from our other art endeavors. :) Looking forward to seeing them on your wall (in person that is!!!)

  4. Amy said

    The second one is my favorite. I love them! This brings back oh so great memories of Art 1 senior year. You’ve come so far. Couch But and PB would be proud no doubt. Love you!

  5. laurenmechetner said

    char-grilled. always a little craft master. i’m lovin it.

  6. Jen said

    Love them!!!

  7. Grandy said

    They are just great, you are very clever. Love you.

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