House Family Photos

August 29, 2009


8 Responses to “House Family Photos”

  1. Su Madre said

    How pretty you all are!!! Your home is beautiful inside & out, like you my dear. I need to visit soon!!!

  2. Amy said

    Oh. em. gee. I am obsessed with it! It’s official I have to come visit. I like our little chat the other day. It will happen again soon. Cute Cute house. And cute cute friends!! Love you :)

  3. Tara said

    what a fun house!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would LOVE to visit!

  4. ryanturtle said

    These pictures are awesome. Nicely Done.

  5. Tara said

    I spy a cat!!!!! i wanna visit =)

  6. Tara said

    dang it, that was amanda on the last comment. i am visiting tara right now, therefore, on her computer and STILL signed into her account..ha

  7. ispybetty said

    I LOVE IT! So happy and proud for you. Hate we didn’t get to really see each other. Garner had surgery that last week you were here and we had our hands full. Love you! Miss you! Email more detailed pics if you get a chance.

  8. Kimberlee Hauss said

    Wow, such a cute house!!! I’m super jealous. I love that it’s yellow. I want to visit. Also i want to talk to you.

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