MasterPlan Ministries = Sand Volleyball

August 27, 2009


3 Responses to “MasterPlan Ministries = Sand Volleyball”

  1. i miss college. and YOU LIVE ON MAIN STREET. You’ll love fall and spring on main street. i lived in park street, remember, and i LOVED main street

  2. Su Madre said

    Nice photography on those action shots!

  3. Pigeon said

    Hey, just looked at your adorable house! It looks like that magazine “Dittos, Dottoes, Discos”…something like that.. too many diet cokes.. cannot remember the name… you’ll know.. anyhow.. great looking!.. just came around on the ole brain.. Dominoes… The place is cool. It appears that you may need a huge picture over that mantle.. I have an abstract that is huge and framed in white… very organic.. smile… todays cool word.. when you are home next time ..come and look .. could work. Love you baby!

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