618 E. Main Street Sneak Peek

August 26, 2009

After many a cold shower, tons and tons of boxes, trying to get all the utilities on and in our names…. here are the pictures of my new house!!!!!!! There are still so many things to be settled, but it has begun to take shape.  I need to give a shout out to Aunt Lacey and Pigeon for all the great stuff in the den.  I am so grateful for yalls generosity.  Also to mi Padre for crafting my incredible bed.  Obsession.  And thanks Mom for helping me paint all that crappy Goodwill furniture.  More to come.  Keep checkin.


5 Responses to “618 E. Main Street Sneak Peek”

  1. Holmes said

    Dang girl… It looks incredible!!!!!!! The bed is awesome! Your room is so cool and the den looks so homey! I cannot wait to come visit!

  2. Jen said

    Rockin’ Awesome!!!

  3. laurenmechetner said

    lookin better every day!

  4. laurenmechetner said

    p.s. i love all the “!” (exclamation points) in these comments….!!!!!

  5. Grandy said

    I love your house, your room so looks great. You racked up. I really like all the stuff that Pridg and Lacey gave you. Love you lots.

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