August 13, 2009

I have been a little hesitant to write this post since it is my 100th post…. now that nine days have passed, I have a lot of information to write about.


The last week at Park Cities was really emotional, but so so good. All of the interns hung out every minute possible making the goodbyes even harder.  We had some really good convos about what the Lord taught us this summer.  

The last Sunday morning, Court, Kait, and I taught on discipleship and mission.  Sunday school was separated into guys and girls.  One of my girls, Allison painted this really awesome piece while we were talking.  It was a great closer to the summer.  The goodbyes were hard, but the Lord has ordained every part of this summer so I know He will be faithful to take care of my life to come.


I got home Sunday night around 9 and was greeted by the fam… then Chet… then Ryan.  It was such a good surprise, although now I am suffering the after effects of their lies… just kidding.  Me and my brothers, Chet, and Ryan hit up a bunch of Memphis hotspots- Germantown Commissary, Jerry’s, Outdoors- on Monday.  The rest of this week has been hang out and chill fest… sooo good. 


One Response to “100.”

  1. Hannah said

    Glad you’re somewhat back in the area! Come to Lville and visit this semester. And Ryan… I hear there is something going on there. Thats awesome!

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