Sunday Thoughts

August 2, 2009

Today as I was at Park Cities for the 2nd to last Sunday, it was difficult to figure out exactly where my heart was.  I have felt really torn lately about where I should be.  My affections are so divided in between 3 different cities in 3 different states.  It has been so strange to come to that realization this summer. 

But as I was thinking back on today (worshipping with the body for one of the last times and also saying goodbye to one of my favorite girls), I remembered what the Lord has been speaking to me all week.  I have been going through Jeremiah and reading of his struggles to preach the Lord’s truth to the people of his time.  I am often frustrated by people taking Scripture out of context and making it whatever they want to hear.  Jeremiah 29:11 is a prime verse for this mistake.  If you have time, read around this chapter and learn about what is really taking place.  But the application that the Lord has shown me today in relation to this verse is the hope that He has for the believers.  We are promised to have life for eternal glorification of God.  How marvelous is that fact!?!  My soul longs for that day when my spirit is no longer fighting with my flesh.  That freedom to worship God fully is something that I can hardly come to grips with.  Besides my own chief end to glorify God, I was reminded that these believers, who I have grown to love in various parts of the country, also have the same chief end.  We will all be worshipping the Lord together for all of our days.  I can rest in the comfort of the Lord’s promises this week as I continue to say goodbye and to begin to head on to the next thing.  Whether or not I am ever in Dallas again, I will be reunited with these believers because we have the same hope- which is Christ.

I pray that the Lord will remind you of His jealousy for your affections today and that you will praise Him in Spirit and in truth.


One Response to “Sunday Thoughts”

  1. stacey m said

    I have really enjoyed hearing from you via your blog this summer. It has filled that “missing you” feeling I’ve had now and then.

    And on on a house note…I have a kitchen table we listed on Craigslist you might want for your new house. It’s a fun project waiting to happen! Let me know if you’re interested in seeing it.


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