House Projects!!!!

August 1, 2009

As the days get closer and closer to moving in my fabulous house, I am starting to freak out.  So much needs to be done and created and I can’t wait!  Let’s just go ahead and say I have frequented my favorite design blogs more than I should and have some ideas…

I love this.  I saw this last week and made the first step by purchasing 4 mason jars when I was in Waco this past weekend.  I need to get some paper (probably from Paper Source) and make this little art project happen.  I was thinking of putting beads/buttons/whatever else in the 2 that I have with lids and then flowers in the other 2.  Suggestions would be awesome.

These are the great finds thanks to my mom.  They need some serious overhauling.  That will happen asap.



And now I have a door for my head board thanks to Grandy and Papa.


And my latest thought is putting string in a maze sort of fashion when you look up since I have really high ceilings… this could be crazy.  Hopefully I will be able to have the afters up soon now that you have seen the hideous befores.


One Response to “House Projects!!!!”

  1. laurenmechetner said

    its all gonna look so good. i can’t WAIT to help with all projects. i’m a huge fan of that chest of drawers (or as amanda thought for a real long time, a chester drawers).

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