Guatemala Trippy Trip

July 19, 2009

These are just a few of the 260 pictures of from my camera during our trip to Guatemala.  The Lord is doing a mighty work there and I am so grateful that I had a chance to take part in that this week.  I’m going to do a quick summary of the week and hopefully highlight some things that you can be praying for.

So we started off Sunday morning going to a church in Guat called La Verdad in Guatemala City.  One of my very favorite things about missions is the opportunity to worship with believers who has been ransomed by the same God that I adore.  Its the most incredible thing to sing a song in one language and hear it being sung in another. Gosh, I love that. Then the 9th and 10th grade group headed to Antigua (our home for the week).  We went to Manchen- a home for girls who have been abused, saved from prostitution, or abandoned by their parents.  This was where we would be hanging out and doing VBS every afternoon.  These girls are so distant and hurt.  Their eyes speak for their hearts, but when they realized how much we cared for them and loved them it was so evident.  

Monday morning we went to a church/community center called Jocotenango.  It was in our city and a shelter for the believers who are around that area.  We got to clean up and paint along with playing with their adorable kids.  And then after lunch we headed back to Manchen to start our activities.  The next day was exactly the same, but when we were at the girl’s home it got pretty crazy.  Even though they are extremely safe and cared for, some girls tried to escape to find a friend who had been moved somewhere else.  They started a riot later that night which totally changed our plans.  Each afternoon after that we weren’t able to go back.  Our whole team was really down about it, but was still happy to do whatever else needed to be done. 

Wednesday we got to go up into a mountain village called Alotenango and minister to the people there.  These people are so so poor, but have so much joy in them.  We sung with them in their church (basically a little shack).  Then we all headed down to a basketball court to hang out with kids.  They were so so adorable and loved us so much.  Since plans changed, we ended up heading back there after lunch.  The students got to distribute food and tell their testimonies.  It was awesome to see how the Lord had ordained the change of plans and use it to glorify Himself.

Thursday was insane.  We all hiked a volcano.  No lie.  Lava and all.  It was one of the craziest experiences of my life. It took about 3 hours to get up, but once we got there it was incredible.  I am so blown away by the Lord’s creativity.  From the top of the volcano, we could see so much beauty and majesty.  

Then that afternoon, we went back to Joco since we again weren’t able to go to Manchen.  But this time we went down the street to another basketball court to talk to whoever would come up to us.  I did some sand art with some teenage girls.  They were so sweet.  One girl, named Anna (she is holding up the sand art cross and wearing a white shirt above), has been learning english in school so we helped each other practice our own native language.  It was so fun to talk to her.  So pray for those people we met and that they would remember our association with the church down the street and hopefully be more inclined to go visit it now. 

So all day Friday, we were up in the air about it we could visit Manchen or do something else.  We ended up going to make a chain around the building and praying for the girls inside its walls.  As we were leaving we found out we could come in to say bye to the girls.  It was so awesome to see how the Lord answered our prayer right then.  We got to go in for about 30 minutes and love on them.  They were so happy to see us and you could tell that the whole mood was different because all that had happened that week.  We also got to go up the village again and have one big party for the kids.  

Although plans switched up so many times, the Lord provided so much and we had exactly the right supplies we needed to make everything happen plus more.  It really was so cool how it all worked out. 

As a whole, I think it was an awesome week for all of the students and the people we got to come in contact with.  It was so different leading the trip.  I have such different emotions right now than I usually do when I get home.  I just encourage you to continue to keep this country in your prayers.  The believers that we did meet were so in love with the Lord and I am so encouraged because of their joy.


On an extremely sad note, my mom just called to tell me that Mr. Collums died today.  I am just now realizing how much this man shaped my theology and  worldview.  He was such a man of God and so faithfully has been a part of ECS for so long.  His influence has been huge on my family since my parents were in high school.  It really is monumental how much he has led ECS and First Evan over the years.  God has used him to be a vessel for truth to be spread to hundreds of students and it is so hard for me to picture ECS without him.  The past two summers, when I worked there, he was always so joyful each day and ready to move the school in the direction he thought that the Lord was leading it in.  I know he will be so deeply missed by his incredible family and all the people he has been an incredible example for over the years.


2 Responses to “Guatemala Trippy Trip”

  1. Su Madre said

    Your words convey your heart so well, they paint a beautify picture of your time in Guatemala. I am so thankful God blessed the trip. May He continue to stir in the lives of those who traveled to Guatemala & those who reside there as well! Cannot wait to see you!!!

  2. laurenmechetner said

    good editing on those fotographias. (see, i got sat lingo. haha.)

    on a sadder note, was Mr.Collumns the man who taught you Pauline theology…as in “by no mean…”?

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