Oh Golly.

July 3, 2009

I just got home from camp this afternoon.  I’m going to postpone my thoughts and feelings until I feel like I have fully processed all that is in my mind.

Until then…. the Hills have a little fam tradish of winning a little thing called the Cordova Fourth of July Parade.  We have pretty much been undefeated since I was 8 maybe… (mom you can correct me on these minor details.  so many wins.. i can’t even keep up.) But anyway, it has been sad to miss the parade over the years.  And as me and Holmes get older, it has now just been on the shoulders of Gray and the Walt boys, plus Caleb and now Michael and Wesley.  So I received this email today… get ready for this:


Since our dear Mayor Willie has resigned, the costume tomorrow is going to be Gray campaigning for Mayor.  This photo is going to be a huge poster and he’s going to be campaigning it up.  I’m sad that I have to miss it, but that sweet Rudzena’s have opened this home to festivities once again. 

Stay tuned for more thoughts later…..


2 Responses to “Oh Golly.”

  1. chet said

    gray. your my hero!!!

  2. Rachel said

    The poster reminds me of your…Obama Christmas cards. So political, you Hills! I love it. And I miss you. :)

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