Rangers Lose 13-4.

July 31, 2009





July 29, 2009

Its winding down. 

But the end is always the best.

More thoughts coming soon.

Dallas Skyline Lovin’

July 25, 2009




Tenth Week Highlights-

July 23, 2009

After I had an awesome day off Monday, the fam pulled into the Lone Star State for a visit.  The goal of the week became find the best Tex-Mex (in retrospect, I am realizing that it is impossible. There are way too many great places.)  So we went to most of my favorite place around town and got the tour.  


This visit was not only to see me, but to see our fam fave band– COLDPLAY.  The tickets were my birthday present that I found out about 2 months before by birthday, but I didn’t get to use them until 2 months after.  Strange.  


The show was awesome and Chris was on his A-game.  We ended up having an extra ticket that Kyndi got to use and that was really fun too.  Coldplay fans are an interesting breed, but I am happy to join them.  It was awesome to experience them live and even crazier than I expected.  It was Gray’s first concert (at least that counts).  He really loved it and kept saying, “I can’t believe they are really playing right there in front of us.”



We ventured downtown and got some history.  This is the Sixth Floor Museum that used to be the Texas School Book Depository where Oswald was when he shot JFK.  We took a tour of that museum and it made all my history lessons about it come alive.  It was interesting to understand all the monuments that are now downtown and the background of them also. 




Now I’m back to life as an intern for the next 2 weeks.  I’m having trouble making sense of my thoughts and figuring out which are worth sharing.  I pray that the Lord is doing a new thing in you and showing you more of Himself than He did last week.