Finals Week.

June 25, 2009

It is officially finals week: no sleep, intense hang out sessishs, lots of work to be done…. yep. Its been finals week.  We are going to camp on Sunday so there have been 100’s of tasks to be done at work.  This has for sure been the craziest week of summer, but one of the best for sure.  Last night we had a 5 girl slumbo… always awesome.  And we have had the great pleasure of hosting Chet and Ryan in this great city of Dallas. 

I am so short on sleep right now, so I’m going to update this more later.  Hope you are loving your week.  P.s. Its past the middle of June.  How did that happen?


3 Responses to “Finals Week.”

  1. Rachel said

    Yeah, middle of June. What?! Glad you’re surviving Crazy Week. Thinking about you!

  2. Rachel said

    Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to call you. Pleading insanity.

  3. chet said

    yea, i can’t believe it’s almost july. that really is crazy. this week was great. soo great. too great.

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