Texas Sunshine = 100 degrees

June 20, 2009

This week has been extremely intense work wise, but don’t get me wrong… I have loved it!  Our prayers for the ministry (and yours as well) are being answered so obviously.  The Bible studies we are leading have been really beneficial.  And for me and my girls, time outside of that group has been awesome.  I have been so encouraged to hear where the Lord has brought these girls from and where they feel Him calling them.  

Not only have I gotten close to the girls, but also to the other interns.  Our work hours have been filled with ridiculous videos, inside jokes, food and laughs galore.  We have all gotten to know what pushes each others buttons (which leads to so many great things- specifically abbrev. between all the girls and Paul), but also what each other is passionate about and cares deeply for.  It is so evident that the Lord ordained us all to be here together this summer and be in ministry together.  

Kait, and Courtney (our 7th and 8th grade intern), and I have been spending a lot of time together this weekend.  We had a slumbo last night and just decided we should press repeat and do it again tonight.  We got to meet her family and hang out at her pool all day in the Texas sunshine.  People’s hospitality has been incredible here.  I am beginning to understand how the Lord blesses people and gives them a heart to serve just by opening their home to others.  I clearly don’t know where I will be in the future, but if the Lord doesn’t call me overseas, I would love to open my home.  Dinner and a bed means so much.  Its like the host is saying, “I support your ministry and your heart.  I would love to hear about it and give a little something back to you.”  Its awesome to see the Lord working in all areas of the Church.

One last thing and then I need to go get somethings done… I am so SO so encouraged by my friends.  The Lord is using them in such a mighty way.  Check out Kimberlee’s blog here.  She just got to Honduras this past Thursday and will be there for a month.  Amy is joining her in about a week.  Their job is to love children and show them Christ’s love.  I absolutely love these girls and am so blessed by the Lord working in their lives.  They have stepped out in faith and gone where the Lord has called them to be.  But in the same regard, I am also so blessed by my friends who are living the Gospel during their normal life.  Whether they are being Christ to co-workers who have no other believers around them or supporting the local church in whatever way is needed, they are being obedient.  They have heard the call of the Lord on their summer and are answering with an attitude of joy.  I know the God is real because of the way He has changed the lives of people all around me.  It has been such a blessing to be stripped of all things “home-y” and realized that it is not the possessions or cities that I love about my life.  Its the relationships that the Lord has given me in family and friends.  Specifically one great one who I will celebrate with from 7 hours away tomorrow- my father… who is the very best and by far funniest.

P.S.  I will also be celebrating Father’s Day with great friends in Texas…. CHET AND RYAN!!!!


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