The Memphis Fever

June 16, 2009

I’m back in Dallas to stay until August 9th (minus a week in Oklahoma and a week in Guatemala).  It was so surreal driving back in today.  I felt like it was exactly where I am supposed to be and like I had been gone for such a long time.  I had only been in Memphis for a grand total of 4 days… every single one of them I had been glued to the couch with a fever.  It was bad news and I am very grateful for a recovery.  Good news- I saw my family a ton.  Bad news- I didn’t leave our house except dinner Sunday night.  This was pretty rough, but with a little short of 100 pills, I am now good to go.

Here is the update on youth intern life-

I am so grateful for the past two weeks.  The Lord has encouraged me so much and given so much grace.  I have gotten to hang out with a handful of girls.  They have come to Bible study the past two weeks and we have covered so much ground of 2 Timothy.  They have awesome questions and are so hungry for Biblical knowledge.  I feel that our time is always too short and I need to look up tons of answers for them.  Not only has my ministry been fruitful, but the other interns ministries have been also.  We are finding the students who care about the Lord and are motivated to learn more.  I am sure the Lord brought us through a place of discouragement and a time of being disheartened to lavish kindness on us.  

I also need to point out evidence of grace in the lives of so many friends.  Their encouraging words and the work the Lord has done in them in the last month, a a constant reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness to those He has called.  I am blessed by friends who will attest to the Lord’s greatness.  It has been so beneficial for my walk to hear what the Lord is doing in so many cities around the South and to also hear of the anticipation of things to come.

Have a wonderful week!


3 Responses to “The Memphis Fever”

  1. Grandy said

    It was great seeing you if only for a short time. So glad you got back to Dallas safely and that you are blogging again. I love you, Grandy

  2. laurenmechetner said


  3. esperanzapoi said

    I love that I got to see you in Memphis. This is mostly just so you can know that I have a blog. By the way, this is kimchee. Love you, girl.

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