May 29, 2009

These children have become my obsession the past couple weeks.  Not only have Michael and Kyndi so generously welcomed us into their home almost every night since we got here, but they also let us hang out with their children.  We love babysitting them, watching movies (specifically Nemo), and eating meals with this precious little family.  I feel like I talk about them all the time so you needed a mental picture of them for the stories that are coming the rest of the summer.  Here you go-


This is Jack.  He is one of THE funnies kids alive.  He is about to be three and loves his family more than anything.  We made a quote board in the office and Jack currently has 2 of the 5.  


And this is Lucy.  She is a crazy 18th month old.  We love her too.  Jack likes to get her opinion.

Now you know who these awesome kids are.


2 Responses to “Obsessions.”

  1. Rachel said

    I like those kids too. And I really like you kid. :)

  2. ryanturtle said

    Jack = Stud.

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