The Adventures of Char & Kait

May 25, 2009

This weekend has been full of things like coffee, birds, spiders, americas next top model, ugly dogs, and crescent rolls galore.  We had the usual Friday and Saturday off, but also today since its Memorial Day.  Kait and I have had a bunch of adventures together and had lots of laughs about what our lives have become.  I will try to give you the best explanation of these things as possible accompanied with photos to give the full effect.

Firstly, there are these dogs that we are taking care of.  As you know, I am not a fan. We continue to yell at them for being psycho.  Here are their pics so you can understand who I am currently hating:


This is Bailey.


And Sherlock.

That’s enough about that.  Another one of our new hobbies is watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  We have cried during all of the episodes we have watched.  Its pretty funny.  This show is just so sweet and provides for these awesome families who have nothing.  Its one of the most loving and redemptive shows on television.  We have been watching that along with America’s Next Top Models… probably not near as beneficial. 

We have been really creative in our meals- specifically eating left overs.  Our favorite meal is the “Pocket of Pork” (actually chicken but Kait keeps forgetting that).  We put barbecue  chicken left overs and some monterey cheese in a crescent roll before we rolled them up and then baked them as usual.  SO SO good!  We have had this meal twice in the past week. 


Maybe that is really trailer park of us, but if you had it you would love it too.  We have tried to hit up a bunch of the coffee shops in the area.  Last night we went to Cafe Brazil.  We sat outside and drank bottomless decaf snickerdoo (not doodle for some reason) coffee.  It was an awesome atmosphere and will happen again for sure.




Today we got a bunch of hang out time with the bugs and birds at White Rock Lake Park.  There were so many nature loving people out there biking and walking.  It was so great except that we aren’t big time outdoors people.  We packed a lunch and tried to make the best of it.  There were really pretty sail boats on the lake so that was nice.  We are ready to get back to work and start getting to know the students.  I love this job so much.  All of the staff not only cares about their students, but also cares for the souls of their interns.  They are doing whatever they can to encourage us in our walk for the glory of God.  I am so blessed to have this internship this summer and God clearly ordained it for this exact summer.

On a serious note, I have been so encouraged this past week.  I have been reading in Hosea about how the Lord is restoring Israel to Himself even when she plays the whore.  This book has been so convicting to my heart and I hope that I will never be the same.  This world tells me that I deserve love and good things, but the total opposite is true.  I deserve nothing that I have received.  It blows my mind that the Lord would chose to save me at all.  It seems that He would restore me to Himself and then be done, but He continues to lavish me with blessings.  He has given me amazing family and friends.  I have trouble living in this state of mind, but I believe that I am here this summer to learn things like this.  To see the Lord as my all in all and be dependent on only Him.  I desire to know Him and live differently.  I am encouraged that the Lord has brought me here and has a plan for my life.  He is sovereign and I am going to be obedient.

“But let all who take refuge in you rejoice;
let them ever sing for joy,
and spread your protection over them,
that those who love your name may exult in you.
For you bless the righteous, O Lord;
you cover him with favor as with a shield.” (Psalm 5:11-12)


2 Responses to “The Adventures of Char & Kait”

  1. Jen said

    Hey Char! Sounds like you found something to do with your day off. Thanks again for calling Rainey on her birthday. love you.

  2. chet said

    i always cry at extreme makeover: home edition. it never fails.

    i am also eternally grateful that the Lord continues to teach you and me.

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