Things that aren’t so pleasant to hear…..

May 24, 2009

Paul Washer video that speaks my thoughts to a T. Click here.  I enjoy Washer because he speaks to contrary to the world.   His sermons are always hard to start because they are so convicting… that’s why I need to listen to more of them.

Here’s another story that isn’t very great.  If you can’t handle gross things…. you should not continue.  Today while we were getting ready for church, Kait starts yelling at the dogs (this is very usual).  It seems like more than she usually does so I asked what was up.  Poop on the floor. Thankfully it was on tile… I would just like to clear it up that this is just another reason I don’t like dogs.  I had to pick it up and flush it down… yep.  That was my morning.  Just thought I would share.  And next time you ask me why I don’t want a dog- I have a better reason than I did yesterday.  And for those of you who know me well… you are welcome for sharing that story.  I know you enjoyed it.


One Response to “Things that aren’t so pleasant to hear…..”

  1. ryanturtle said

    I like the first part of this post….the second not so much. Ask lee about the poop at Barnes freshman year and he will know exactly what your talking about.

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