The Park Cities Experience

May 23, 2009

Since we have had the last couple days off work, we have been able to get a better feel for the Dallas/University Park/Highland Park area.  Today Kait and I went to lunch with Kyndi at this really great mexican place called Gloria’s.

Glorias-Greenville  It was so great and the atmosphere was even better.  We got to sit on the patio and enjoy the great weather… it will be super hot soon, but we need to enjoy it while it lasts.

dieline orangecup yogurt

Then we hit up this great little yo-yo place.  It was so good and extremely healthy.  It reminded me of Rice to Riches (an awesome place in SoHo).  They print your name, calories, and other nutritional info on the sticker to put on the side. It was legit.

Then we hit up the North Park Mall—– SHOPPING CENTRAL.  It was fully stocked with Anthro, Urban, this J.Crew bohemian sister, and Lush.  This was the Park Cities experience.  People were dressed to the nine for shopping… strange.  We had a really fun time though and even got some deals.  We are about to go get a home cooked meal at Becky’s house.  I’m pretty pumped.  It’s been a good weekend- not gonna lie.


One Response to “The Park Cities Experience”

  1. chet said

    i love patio-sitting. there needs to be a “big to-do” pt. 2 for when i come to dallas. these things need to be apart of that list.

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