My Little Brother is Old.

May 16, 2009


Today was Holmes’ Graduation… hence I spent quite alot of time with Grayson.  We saved a bunch of seats and drew pictures of people in Holmes’ class.  Funny.


Whole fam.  Everyone lookin classy.  I’m gonna go ahead and say I like it and it should happen way more often.  This was a really happy day and we are all so proud of Holmesy.

DSC_0259Mr. Collums.  

ECS Headmaster.

Great Man.

Just another reminder of how much

I adore that institution.

It was really good to see a lot of the people

who make ECS great today.

DSC_0273Most friends of mine have heard epic stories 

of this man.  He is famous for his northern

accent and statements like -“By No Means.”

Mark Brink.  Senior Bible Teacher.  He

plows through apologetics, Romans, and

roles of biblical man and womanhood.

SOLID.  He named Holmes for the Ken Avis

Scholarship…. $12,500.  This thing is a huge honor and the only award presented today.  It goes to the student that the faculty and staff decides carries on the legacy of ECS and has the character that the mission aims toward. Not only are we so proud of Holmes for embodying these things, but are so grateful that this came when it did.  My parents decided to let him go to Samford in total faith.  We for sure do not have the money to just agree to that, but they did and since then he has won so so much scholarship money.  This one is the biggest and the biggest compliment.  I am so in awe of the Lord’s Sovereignty.  He worked this out beautifully.  Also side note- this money is a fund that the teachers give to every year (also in faith) to bless students.  How amazing.



Also I got to see my B.F.F.s and classmates.  It was so good to see these girls, even for a brief moment.  We will be apart all summer so it will be hard, but that is manageable.  We have handled it for almost 2 years now.  I am really grateful for ECS and the wonderful friendships it provided me over the years.  P.S. (left to right- me, Kimberlee, Amy (best friend since pre-k), Tracey (known since elementary school), and Haley (met on the first day of kindergarten).  Crazy.


It is so fun to see how much everyone has grown up.  Me and Holmes and Kendall and Austin have been friends since the dawn of time.  It has been awesome to see all of our parents stay so close.  We can rarely all hang out, but today was a perfect one for a photo.  Holmes and Kendall will both be at Samford in the fall.  I am positive that the moms will be taking tons of trips.  I guess Austin will hold down high school for a while… and the geeks will just be starting middle school.  Only 7 years until we can retake this photo.  That should be interesting.

Tomorrow = Dallas, Texas.


One Response to “My Little Brother is Old.”

  1. Amy said

    LOVED this post. ECS is such a blessing-thanks for acknowledging that. Also, great pictures! Love you and will miss you Chartown :)

    P.S. HAPPPYYYY Birthday!!! we are 20. so old

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