BG Birthday Party

May 14, 2009


Since Carls and I have the same birthday which happens to fall at the beginning of summer break, our friends decided we should start the Birthannaukka (birthday/hannaukka- Hill and Person tradition) early.  We all ate dinner at the Bistro- a classy restaurant in Bowling Green- Girl’s Night Style.



Then we headed over to the Memphis Guys for a fire pit…. perfect weather for a night outdoors.


Me and Carls wore our tiara’s all night.  Our sweet friends made us both bundles of love….. we had been waiting a while for them at this point.


This tradition is one of the best.  We all run in Target and get whatever reminds us of the birthday girl.  Since it was both of our birthdays, they made me and Carley take turns and the other sat in the “Snack Shack” at Target.  It is a really fun tradition for the givers and the birthday girl! PS… the boys could hear us screaming about how great our presents were from outside…whoops!


Not only were these festivities the last of the semester, but it was also the last night of Alyssa and I living together.  Its such a strange thing since we have lived together for the past 2 years.  I really can’t imagine not living together, but there was no way I was going to a dorm in the furthest location on campus when I could live in a house on MAIN STREET!  Sorry Alyssa. 


 Now I’m at home for a couple days with the fam before I head to Texas.  When looking back at this year, I am realize that there were some of the roughest moments of life, but also I have been so encouraged.  The Lord has blessed me with friends that I know I can count on even in the roughest times.  I cannot wait for what this summer will bring.  Right now I’m just trying to take a breath before things get super hectic.  Happy Summer!!!!!


One Response to “BG Birthday Party”

  1. Hannah said

    Happy Late Birthday Char!!!

    These pictures seem to have really captured the moment. I love the one where you/carley are opening gifts and alyssa is cracking up. Miss you guys. Hope this summer is amazing!!! Post alot!

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