Its the Final Countdown.

May 9, 2009

Time is running out.  I will no longer live in Kentucky (one of the best states even though no one usually recognizes its greatness) in T minus 4 days.  

We are making the best of our lasting moments together.  Last night may have been one of the best.  We were all at the Memphis Guys fire pit enjoying conversation…. and Carley suggests that we go to Little Caesars…. this is probably about 12:30.  Yes, it happens.  We are pile in 2 cars and drive to our playground.  Jeff (our famous movie producing friend) slides over the counter, all of the girls are running around screaming, Boggess (other famous friend who just got 7th in the country for forensics) is calling in fake orders, and Ryan turned on the ovens.  We made 7 pizzas/cheesy breads for 9 people… ridiculous.  It was so so fun… then we watched another vampire movie… aka nap time.  

The Kingdom Guys are having a big show at their house tonight so the chicas are about to go over and cook for the bands…. what a good weekend!

Oh and here is a pic of some of the Talisman staff after our banquet the other night… I love these people.



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