Food Fest Weekend

May 3, 2009

dsc_01291Celebrating Louisville and its beautiful sign… the fleur de lis.

dsc_01341Betting for the winning and losing horse. 




It was a really great weekend of constant eating and lounging.  I’m a fan of this Kentucky culture.  Maybe we can all go to Derby next year and see the action live.

Chet’s blog is worth looking at… mine is super lame compared to this.


4 Responses to “Food Fest Weekend”

  1. Wait were you guys in Louisville and you didn’t call me?

  2. Amanda said

    I love that cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!! Also, I like how the beef says “not for sale” what does that mean?!

  3. Amanda said

    whhhahhaaaaaaa that cake pan is only $5?!?!? I have five dollars in my pocket right now!! I can have that cake pan!!! Can you tell how excited I am??
    I wish we got to know each other too! Lauren says you are pretty awesome =) I remember when you visited Western when all the memphis people were freshmen and I though you were a student too. Then you went home. =( I’m sure you will visit Lauren a lot and we are practically neighbors so I will see you then!

  4. chet said

    amanda i love you and charbaby, you are coming to visit!!!!!!!

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