Walk Like An Egyptian

May 31, 2009


We had to be at work extra early this morning.  There were a bunch of things we had to do before church actually started. This is about half of the “intern suite”.  The other half has posters over wolves and heavyweights.  We were leading worship for the high school today, but during our warm up, the adult class asked us to play for them.  So we became the traveling singing group and played for them too.  Before youth started, we dressed up the boys as Moses and Pharaoh to take pictures with the youth.  It was so funny and they ended up leading worship with part of the costume on too. P.S. Lee has on eye liner on….. I had to play cosmetologist for the day.  




 Seems like nothing is black and white anymore
Shades of grey and I feel a weight over my shoulder
It’s tough getting older
I always thought that I knew where I’d want to go
Now I’m here and I find that I’m still getting colder
It’s kinda tough getting older- Colbie Caillat

I am being really cheesy/not for real in quoting those lyrics.  It is just a strange season of life and sometimes bad lyrics speak my feelings (so I guess that means I am lame at the moment).  I was just checking up on Holmes, as I usually do, and found this picture.  Many things about this picture are strange- 1. Gray has on a bow tie (Holmes-ish of him). 2. The Geeks (Gray and Caleb plus Georgia) are done with elementary school. 3. I wasn’t there for their graduation. 4. I was just at Holmes, Kendall, and Paul Michael’s high school graduation.  I literally grew up with the Persons and Peelers and its surreal to see them get older.

Today has been one of those days when I reminisce way too much.  I had coffee today with a friend that went to ECS until 8th grade.  She was part of the “posse” so we spent every school day together and then of course Friday nights until her dad got moved to Dallas.  It was really great hanging out with Kaitlin (Kaitlin Allen… confusing right?) today and we talked about so many memories from our younger years.  I am so grateful for our time and ECS and I’m so glad my brothers are getting to experience it.  I just forget how old they are and it is really hard for me to not be there for monumental times in their lives.  I have been so torn the past couple years because I know I need to move on and continue my life, but at the same time its tempting to run back to Memphis.  Most days I know I want to end up in Nashville, but when I talk to Gray it makes me want to be back.  Almost all of my friends with younger siblings struggle with this and I know its  a good struggle.  

The other time when these lyrics were so much my heart was the first time I was going to college.  I remember leaving my house crying like I never have before.  I was driving alone to Jackson to see Kimberlee, then my parents were meeting me and going the rest of the way together.  I’m pretty sure I cried the whole way to Union.  I kept pressing repeat on the song until I couldn’t handle it anymore.  

The thing that comforts me is that I know I am in the Lord’s will.  Being at Western has been the best thing for me.  The very first time I was on campus, I could feel the Lord calling me to that place.  He has revealed so much about Himself to me in my short time there.  I already feel that way about Dallas.  The whole application/interview process was so beautifully orchestrated by God.  I know that He is sovereign over my life and all the places I will ever tread.  I have full confidence that He will take me exactly where I need to be.  Until then me and the bros will just have to use or cellular devices as much as possible.   Love you brothers.


May 29, 2009

These children have become my obsession the past couple weeks.  Not only have Michael and Kyndi so generously welcomed us into their home almost every night since we got here, but they also let us hang out with their children.  We love babysitting them, watching movies (specifically Nemo), and eating meals with this precious little family.  I feel like I talk about them all the time so you needed a mental picture of them for the stories that are coming the rest of the summer.  Here you go-


This is Jack.  He is one of THE funnies kids alive.  He is about to be three and loves his family more than anything.  We made a quote board in the office and Jack currently has 2 of the 5.  


And this is Lucy.  She is a crazy 18th month old.  We love her too.  Jack likes to get her opinion.

Now you know who these awesome kids are.

Week 2.

May 28, 2009

The second week of work is complete.  It is crazy how fast time is flying by here.  I am still loving it and seeing more and more of my purpose.  It has been awesome to meet my girls and I feel like the introductory awkward factor is starting to disappear.  Kait and I are going thrift store shopping with some of my girls tomorrow afternoon (a favorite past time that began with my interns when I was in 8th grade).  I have been so encouraged to see these girls at everything.  They are by far the biggest group in the youth.  They seem to have a lot of passion and love for the Gospel.  The Bible study that I am leading for them starts Monday night.  It will be great to see exactly where their needs are spiritually.

Photo of the day:


Kait and I stayed in Tuesday night and got really creative with our entertainment.  We had french toast and hashbrowns for dinner, did a little face mask, and then watched Save the Last Dance.  Classic girl night. Love it.