The Story of Spencers

April 28, 2009


Tonight is Spencer’s night…. 2nd this week… and its only Tuesday.  But here is the ironic thing about Spencers- we all come here to “do work”, but there is no way we can be productive at all.  If we really needed to get things done, we should just stay at our own homes and use our own internet.  This is the way we live and its the way I love it.  I feel that when I look back at college, I won’t remember doing homework or going to class (though these are essential).  It really is about the friendships I have made and the memories that will stick in my mind.  Spencers is the Dean and Deluca of Bowling Green.  It makes life great and we can all lie saying we have things to do.  

Time is quickly running away.  Its quiet depressing/exciting.  I cannot wait for summer, but at the same time I don’t want this time in my life to end.  Half way done with college is really intimidating.  I am so good with it though.  I will forever love Spencer’s and the square.  This weather has made me so happy!!!!  Sitting in the square with a quiet breeze and a good friend equals perfection.


One Response to “The Story of Spencers”

  1. good memories! this post made me happy:) thanks!

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