When its raining on Sunday….

April 19, 2009

So its raining…..again.  I can’t handle it.  The good thing is that its not cold at all.

This weekend was exactly what I needed.  We went to Rosine, Kentucky Friday night after eating good ol’ BBQ at the Junction.  Rosine is this precious little town filled with old people and home of Bill Monroe.  There is a general store (with awesome peanut butter pie) next to a barn.  In the barn is a “jamboree” of sweet old people and bluegrass music.  It was so great.  There were at least 15 of us who went and just enjoyed the state of Kentucky.  Sometimes I wonder how I got here and then other times I can’t even imagine leaving.  Woah.  So weird, I know.

Saturday was the most relaxing day in a long while.  I slept in and then just got things done all afternoon.  It was an all day pajama day until 5.  Then I finally showered and got ready for a girl night (the best).  Kait, Carl, Sam, Chet and I had dinner and it was fantastic.  Calzones again and salad.  Chet made butterfinger cheese cake.  AMAZING.  We ate dinner on the porch in candle light.  The conversation was great– as always with these girls.  We giggled like crazy, ate great food, and then finished up the 3rd season of Felicity.  Does it get much better?

Today is Spring Sing…. aka me interviewing frat boys and sorority girls….  I just went an watched a couple groups of guys practice and I feel like its going to be a funny day.  The Greek Week story is just one of 4 I have due this week.  It will be really crazy, but I have to finish strong.  Oh the life.


One Response to “When its raining on Sunday….”

  1. chet said

    yea, sometimes i don’t know how you got here (GOD’S SOVERIEGNTY) and you leaving (YOU MUST ATTEND TO GOD’S WILL)…but golly gee, i sure am glad you like it. kentucky will always be lover, and tennessee the other. always.

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