Twilight Zone… this is my life

March 30, 2009

twilight_zonePlease do not think that this post refers to the teen girl craze “Twilight”… although I did watch the last 20 minutes of it the other night and still think the whole concept is strange.  I’m really talking about life the past couple of weeks.  Ever since I got back to BG after Spring Break, has seemed like a dream.  Not necessarily a good or bad dream, but just like I am not really living it.  Its extremely surreal almost all the time.  It is so hard to explain this to people, but since it is my life now apparently, I will try to do so as well as I possibly can.

Have you ever just been living and then type your name into a box or hear someone say it and in your head you hear, “oh Charlotte.  that is my name.  how did i forget that.”  This has happened a couple times lately and I just do not know what to think about it.  I am usually extra analytical, but ever since I returned from dear Memphis, land of my birth, I have felt a little off.

This past weekend was really fun and probably the best all around weekend this semester.  I feel so at home at Burton and am seeing so many wonderful sides of this congregation.  This weekend I got to hang out with Kaitlin and Chet quite a bit.  I will never, ever regret a moment spent with them.  Lauren has really been encouraging me lately to see all parts of the local church as beautiful.  It has been one of her personal goals for the rest of her time at Western and its really rubbing off.  I have seen unity and fellowship among the believers in a way I had never seen before coming to Burton.  Whenever we all eat meals together, I am reminded that we really are a family.  Even though the boys constantly get on our nerves (much like my blood brothers who I would never trade for anything), we have a mutual love that has been really evident lately.  Even though I am really pumped about this summer, I have decided that it will be so hard to leave Bowling Green.  After finals this semester, Western will never be the same to me.  I will be over halfway done with college, I won’t live on campus, and some of my favorite people will be in other cities.

Today as me and Chet and Kait shared one of the best afternoons possible…Satco cheese dip, cookie dough, Felicity, and coffee… I got a little sad that these days will be ending soon.  I am probably going to start crying at this very moment just thinking about it…. thats another strange thing about life post- spring break… I have been super emotional.  WOW.  Never thought that would be an adjective I would use to describe myself.  Ugh.  Seriously there is a Twilight Zone I am living in and the strange thing is that I don’t really want it to stop.  I almost like the emotional side of myself and the extremely analytical side.  I must be morphing into Felicity Porter.  And I think I’m ok with that.

Moral of the story….watch Felic, become crazy, cry and laugh with your best friends.  Done.


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