CELINE- the greatest of all time!

March 28, 2009



I really did forget how amazing this women is.  Don’t even ask how that happened.  I have no answer. Ansleigh and I wore out the “best of celine” cd over the summer.  I just put her on while I was designing the Windyke Newsletter.  I really did get chills during “I want you to need me”.  The more I try to sing and improve my range, the better this woman becomes.  And one of my favorite things about her is how she wanted to be so good, but was just a random awkward Canadian girl.  I watched a Hollywood True Story on her last semester.  There literally are tons of sources who quote her saying, all i want to do is be a household name…. just CELINE.  Somehow she did it.  CRAZY.

Anyway that was my intro to real life…. its been a little bit of a bummer week.  After all the great hype about the house, they found out they can only rent out to single families.  I had the wonderful privilege of telling all the other girls.  So so sad.  Now we have to start from square one.  There is a great possibility that we will have to split up to find something, but I just don’t feel like worrying with that at the moment.

Today is Day One of Hymn Cd recording.  We are going to try to knock out our 2 A cappella songs- Come Thou Fount and the Doxology.  And we are also going to work on a couple others.  I am so excited about this project.  I really love singing with friends whose hearts are right where mine is.  It is really encouraging to know that the Lord put all of them in my life and in my Church so we can all bring glory to Him in song together.  

Oh and on the note of American Idol, I had my second lesson with Sophie in Nashvegas yesterday.  I am really a fan of her.  I’m so proud of Ryan for finding her.  We decided to start working on Bleedin’ Love by Leona Lewis for the audition.  Its a pretty big song… specifically on F note in the bridge.  But she convinced me that if its not challenging, I probably won’t get anyones attention.  I agree with that…. so now its just going to be a lot of practice and developing my range to hit that F note strong.

Only about 47 more days at Westy this semester.  I’m trying to spend them as wisely as possible.  I’m a little nervous that that time frame means finish school work, talisman stuff, hymn cd, find a house, and countless other things…. not to mention mentally and spiritually prepare for TEXAS…. wow.  I better get going.  Have a great weekend!


3 Responses to “CELINE- the greatest of all time!”

  1. chet said

    i love reading your blog, even when it means that im just refreshing myself on the conversations that we have already had. love, thats what we got girl!!!

    and with celine, well i go back and forth on her. i had her one cd with the titanic theme song, but it wasn’t a favorite. i think i bought it just because i wanted to be apart of the in-crowd. i need a good mix of celine.

  2. Amy said

    Good update today. It slightly… ok, really makes me laugh that you wrote about Celine Dion, I dont know why haha.

    Im so glad the voice lessons are going well, you’re gonna be a legit singer Chartown.

    Love you!

  3. Hannah said

    TEXAS? What? Charlotte tell me more!

    oh and I love your blog

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