So Much Love in You

March 24, 2009

This title is dumb…. but its what I’m listening to right now.  Thanks Rocket Summer (past obsession).  This band (made of one guy) is just the definition of so many of my friendships with First Evan friends.  I saw Byrce perform on St. Patti’s one year- maybe 10th grade.  It was a blast and I’m really glad it just came on the “party shuffle”.

Anywho…. that house was even better than we expected.  Only a couple of us got to go look at it so we are having a meeting tonight to fill everyone else in.  I really really really want to get that house.  UGH! I pray we do.  Its in a super safe neighborhood, its such a nice home, and we would all have lots of room to be comfortable.  I feel like a grown up trying to figure it all out…and I have decided I do not like being a grown up.  Whatever. Its happening.  And the only way to stop it from coming is to act like a child, which I refuse to do. In the words of Colbie Caillat, “its tough getting older”.

Things are crazy around here the past couple of days, but  I have seen the Lord working really evidently.  I am praying for restoration and peace.  Its all moving in the right direction, but I tell you what- its hard to be a sinner and have everyone around you be one too.  I really cannot fathom Christ living on Earth with all of us.  How did He stay patient and not get fed up every other second?   I am so grateful that He came to restore perfection- both with God and people.  

I am so comforted to know that this earth is not my home.  Another Sandra McCracken reference…. “We have no abiding city here.”  Praise the Lord.  I don’t  want this to be my abiding city.


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