Time is Flying

March 23, 2009

One week down, seven to go.

And by seven to go, I do not mean I want it to go.  Its just so strange that a crazy unknown summer is ahead of me and time is really flying by.  In seven weeks, I will be leaving Bowling Green and won’t be anywhere close to Kentucky for probably 15 weeks.  Insane.  Not only will I be so far from this great state, but life will be so different when I return.  I won’t ever live in a dorm again.  Its so hard to fathom that.  For the past 2 years, I have had to show someone proof of identification before I even go into my own room.  

This brings me back to the present.  I and for sure 5 other girls are trying to find a house.  Not an easy task.  We have found a lot that are tiny, nasty, or super far from Western.  No go’s on all those clearly.  We are going to check out this house today and I have named “Jackpot” in my phone.  But now that we are all being realistic we have decided that paying that much rent and living with at least 7 other crazy girls may get crazy.  None the less, we are still going to check it out.  From the pictures, it looks gorgeous.  Please take a look just for kicks- http://bgky.craigslist.org/apa/1064880742.html.  I know right?!?!  Its a dream, but dreams are expensive and unrealistic sometimes.  Bummer.

Big thing number 2 is that I had a voice lesson in Nashvegas Saturday.  It went super well and I’m kind of obsessed with the girl.  Check out her website to see why- http://www.sophieshear.com. Ryan found her and could not have done better.  I’m really proud of him… best manager ever for sure.  She is a really cool girl and also a believer so thats really encouraging.  I have another lesson with her this Friday and I’m pretty excited.  I guess I should promote as best as I can….. yall go by Little Caesar’s and get a pizza!  Ha.

Well I better go cross some stuff off my eternally long To Do List.  Happy Monday!


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