Grace Upon Grace

March 17, 2009

I was listening to this great Sandra McCracken song this morning…..

Grace Upon Grace

In every station new trial and troubles

call for more grace than I can afford

Where can I go but to my dear Savior

for mercy that pours from boundless stores

Grace upon grace every sin repaired,

every void restored you will find Him there

In every turning He will prepare you

with grace upon grace

He made a way for the fallen to rise; p

erfect in glory and sacrifice

In sweet communion my need He supplies

He saves and keeps and guards my life

To Thee I run now with great expectation

to honor you with trust like a child

My hopes and desires seek a new destination

And all that You ask your grace will provide

Its so encouraging and always brings me back to the Gospel.  Today I was especially encouraged by the last line.  I am so comforted that God has made a way, only by grace, for me to live righteously.  Its such a daunting command to be holy as He is holy (from Leviticus) and I become overwhelmed by the greatness of my flesh.  The battle against my flesh is frustrating and one I can never win…. BUT this is exactly it.  I cannot win without Christ. The whole reason I am a believer in the first place is because I can never conquer my flesh for good.  Christ made a way for me to put on His righteousness and be seen as Holy.  WOW.  I praise the Lord for this incredible truth.  I’m thankful I heard the Gospel within the first 30 minutes I woke up this morning.  Maybe I can live in the Spirit today a little more than yesterday.


One Response to “Grace Upon Grace”

  1. laurenmechetner said

    gah, the Gospel hits home always…and you know it “in every turning He will prepare you”

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