Breaka de Springa

March 16, 2009

Please look how much joy girl scouts bring my home-


dsc_0018This was the beginning of my wonderful Spring Break in Memphis….. if the sweet little scouts knew how much they effect our home every year….I should write a postsecret to them.


These are the beginnings of the Tennessee Tour.  We hit up every major city in this great state in a day…no lie.

dsc_0051A or B. Which do you prefer?




Now begins the disaster….. Red Velvet Cake Balls……

img_5716Start with a cake.

img_5717Then mix it up.

img_5718Then mix in cream cheese icing.

img_5721Then make balls.

img_5727So if you see the ones in the back they are nice.  They look lovely.  And they tasted lovely…..BUT the ones in the front- different story.  Seriously frustrating.  They still tasted alright though.  Whatev.  Thats not happening again.

Now on the exciting news!!!!!!

base_mediaThis is my home for the summer!!!!! I am so excited! 12 weeks in Dallas, Texas.  I’m really pumped and expecting great things.  Kaitlin also got the job and I’m not gonna lie… I screamed like an 8 year old girl when I found out.  But now I’m back in BG trying to figure our what the next 8 weeks of my life looks like.  It will probably fly by and I won’t even know.  HELLO TEXAS!


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