Lincoln Logs? Really?

March 2, 2009

Its been a while… 

This is the view outside my suite window…its just lovely and a great place to read/drink coffee.

The fam came up Thursday night for a super quick visit.  We went to the WKU basketball game, sprinted to Montana grill (SO GOOD), then back to McLean for a great big cupcake.  We all met up for breakfast in Einstein’s in Mass Media before class… then they headed out.  It was a great taste of next week!  (Spring Break is officially in 5 days. I can’t wait.)


Then Friday afternoon, I went down to the greater Nashville area (Hendersonville) for Quest.  Its basically D-Now just a little different.  I had 6 sixth grade girls.  They were really sweet and for the most part not difficult at all.

img_5676There were some unexpected things about this weekend though….. I never thought I would have to say- “Stop playing with those lincoln logs and come hang out with the rest of us.”  But I guess its true- expect the unexpected.  Although I was hoping for more truth to be preached in the main sermons, I was really glad I got to spend a lot of time with the girls at home.  We had some pretty good talks and at the end of the weekend I could see that a couple of them had really gotten it.  

img_5686All of us from Burton were really encouraged and thankful that we could be a part of the body like Burton.  We get really great teaching thats biblical and we have awesome fellowship within our church.  It was great to be back in BG tonight and be at Burton.  I’m really thankful that the Lord led me there and has changed my life so much as a result.



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